Thank you all for your concern and kind words.  We are very happy to report “the calvary is on its way”.  There is a task force coming to share their knowledge, expertise and to help with everything that needs to be taken care of regarding these animals.  So, we will have enough people on site to effectively and efficiently tend to all the animals’ needs.  We have 40 tons of grass hay being delivered, and the animals have been and are being fed daily.  The rumor mill is running rampant, so please look at our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/animeals and this blog for accurate updates.  Thank you again everybody for everything you have done and are doing.

Please feel free to forward this to anybody concerned.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE – PLEASE READ

  1. I can not express in words my express and awe at the act of love you have performed.I am blown away every time I look at this.I have donated to NELR for transport and hope to take one llama.

    I am a psychiatrist and can imagine how some of what you have seen may have affected you. I only wish you well in the future in all of your life.
    Thank you for being a manifestation of the good in humanity.

  2. I am so thankful that people with HUGE hearts like you all exist. There aren’t enough words to express how much you are all appreciated and the great things you are doing!!!! You have stepped up to the plate when so many would not have. You contacted the best experts in state & out of state to come in to access and help these animals quickly. All animals were fed, sheltered and had the best possible care anyone could offer….most people could not offer the care and commitment you have. When we hold our fundraiser this year, we invite your organization to receive an award for your excellent and speedy response to need in stewardship of animals. I mean every single word of this and hope we will keep in touch in the future. You have my utmost respect and our organization will be at your beckoning call if you need our services in the future. Thank you!

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