Four cria are nestled securely with their moms in segregated pens that our volunteer rockstar Shawn has constructed.  They have heat lamps and cria coats, along with their mother’s body heat to keep them cozy and warm.  With all of the cria being less than one week old, these babies are fortunate to have their mother’s milk giving them the essential nutrients required to keep them healthy and alive.  A huge thank you and a big fat hug goes to Shawn for tending to the little ones and their moms with such dedication and genuine concern for their well-being and comfort.

They don’t call him “Shawn Daddy” for nothin!  🙂

3 thoughts on “BABIES

  1. Was wondering how many llamas you still have that need homes. I have a few interested people that will be contacting you. I also put in a foster/adoption request for llamas. I think the llamas need help the most since there are soooo many of them and since I’ve always wanted one myself . I have friends that have llamas that can help guide me if needed. I was wondering if you receive my application. I understand you are busy and such. Please let me know. You can email me via my website email which is Thanks for your hard work! ~Hugs~

  2. I put in just a fraction of time over the weekend and got to see Shawn in action! He is a remarkable remarkable person and if he is a reflection of what the future will hold for these animals, I can imagine no greater outcome! My hat is off to him and all of the individuals at Animeals! You have handled an extremely difficult situation and you have handled it well. To watch you care for all of the animals equally, paying no mind to their “livestockness”, well, for me, that is your greatest accomplishment! Thank you for leading by example!

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