Yesterday was a “Camel” of a Day

Muhane had a day yesterday…Dr. Charmaine Wright DVM of Park City, Utah was here to geld these beautiful big boys and take a look at Muhane’s feet, which appeared to have been bothering him for some time now.  After an hour and a half, a harness was successfully secured on Muhane’s head.  Success at last!  His feet were checked out, and the diagnosis for this big guy is a fetlock issue.  But, he seemed to be doing well otherwise! 🙂  Then there was Daniel…the typically angry and intimidating Daniel was somewhat of a gentle giant yesterday throughout all of the camel commotion.  It was such a surprise…a good surprise nonetheless.  Danny was successfully gelded, although no harness was put on him.  Daniel and Muhane were both moving around last night after their ordeals.  They seem to be in good spirits today, and Daniel has seems to have lost interest in chasing people now.  They are most likely anticipating their arrival at their new forever home this weekend!  A special thank you to Dr. Charmaine Wright DVM for flying up here from Park City, Utah to care for these two big beauties, and a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped.  Thank you everybody for everything you are doing and have done for the MLASR animals.  YOU are all angels.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Yesterday was a “Camel” of a Day

  1. All I can say is, yeeeeesh! I truly never thought Camel Wrangling was in our future! I’m so glad they are gelded and ready for their forever home, I’m sure things will be much calmer for them now…

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