Day 7 with the horses.  Hauling the 31 donkeys to the Bitterroot was a breeze compared to the challenges of the past week.

2 people trying to corral about 80 horses from 100 or so acres, many which have not been handled in gosh knows how long if ever.  Well catching them would have been a chore in its’self , but not having safe corrals, fencing, water that wasn’t frozen for them to drink, hay that wasn’t more than horse tail weeds, horses that were way under weight, snow, ice and below 0 temps, winds that cut you like a knife all added to 12+ hr days.

Is it worth it!  ABSOLUTELY!  Watching some of the horses jump into a trailer leaving for the Bitterroot, seeing them chase Lennie, our new hay supplier for the horses as he passes them with fantastic grass hay, standing under the head of a 2,500 lb. Draft horse without having a fear of being squashed like a bug, finding that the new water heaters we bought did not throw the breaker in the night, putting the herd to bed by 8 pm and calling it a good day, yep these are a few of our favorite things!

Due to some SLOW going on transport, we still have 20 animals to move but from 80 or so, that is still really good.  For me though, the job isn’t done until it’s DONE so I’m praying for an email tonight that says a couple of trailers are on the way in the am.

Have you ever tried to stop a Mac truck?  Well, tell a big draft horse to get on a trailer when the last time he was hauled was when he was under a yr old and now they are about 10 or so old.  Well, tell 4 of them to load and what you get is a big ole crash, out they came, fencing and all, then another fence and another fence.  Now 3 of them did load but number 4 well he took off and took the rest of the herd that Bev. And I were trying to catch for 2 days.  I want to thank John the local brand inspector he is the most fantastic guy with a heart of gold.  Many hours he has given of himself to help Bev and I with any chore we were working on.  We didn’t have a hammer, a pitchfork, no boards, no fencing panels, no rope, no water heaters, no electrical cords not even hay string.  When I say we had NOTHING I mean it.  But we scrounged, met locals who gave me their password so I could sit in their driveways and check email to know where our transporters were, Fergies Restaurant with staff who always gives us a smile when we run in to use the phone for local calls and has the best pizza in the world.  Second Home Restaurant who would do anything for us and had coffee ready when we fell in their doors at 8 pm.

Have we actually been in the real Hot Springs water, heck NO!!!  We’re lucky to get in the shower.  All we care about is helping the horses and You folks looking deep into you heart and considering taking on a horse or two. Horses that “thought” they had a forever home here in a Sanctuary.

Many of these horses are beautiful and ready for a new for-ever home.  We will have them in Corvallis, Montana where they will be cared for completely.  Please go to www.montanaanimalcareassociation.org for further information and photos that will be updated.

Be safe and please remember Animeals has llamas available for adoption and we have horses.  The great news is most all of the horses have been around llamas a lot and they make good pairs….  hint – hint.

We need help,  if you feel the need to give.  Horse shoers, feed, shaving, straw, medications and so on will be needed for the next few months.  Please email me at MACAusa@aol.com with any questions, for addresses, information on horse adoption.

Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

Phyllis Ruana of The Montana Animal Care Association and her Right Hand Gal Bev. “Duck” Buckner


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