The sanctuary’s 5 goats, 5 sheep and a blind horse (a beautiful sweetheart of a mare that I call Google) were transported off the property today.  The sheep and the goats are matched with this beauty, serving as her eyes.  Thank you Effie Orser for transporting these incredible animals. 

5 thoughts on “PICTURE OF THE DAY

  1. These animals being hauled by Effie Orser are headed for Deer Haven Ranch, outside of Livinston. We were told to expect 15 sheep and 20 goats with the lovely blind horse. Where are the rest of the sheep and goats? Would like them to please be accounted for.

    Michelle K Feldstein

    1. Since AniMeals been at the sanctuary, there never have been 15 sheep and 20 goats. We have heard from people that there are 100 bison here, 25 camels, 200 chickens, 16 pigs, etc. We are not sure where people are getting these numbers. The farm animal placements are coordinated by Farm Sanctuary in New York, so there hasn’t been anybody on-site here to verify numbers until our arrival on December 21st. Thank you so much for all you are doing for these animals.


  2. Ah….I’m so glad they all got to stay together…it was awesome to see the sheep and goats all running with the blind horse in one heard the day we were there. I would have never known the horse was blind from a distance until one of the guys told me so. I watched them all gallop swiftly kicking up snow from their feet. They were evading their captures that day.

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