What a Fantastic Friday!

Hello there, AniMealers!  Today, Chuck was adopted!!! This gentle sweetheart went home to his new family today…HOORAY!  One of the best parts of his story is that we got a phone call from his new mom’s grandma asking what kind of things Chuck likes, as she wanted to get him a “Welcome to  the Family” present.  AAAAAAW!  That phone call melted my heart!  Thank you to Chuck’s new family for opening their arms to this little lover boy!  Hooray for another AniMeals happy ending! 🙂

On a different note, Shadow was brought back to AniMeals a couple of weeks ago after he was diagnosed with asthma.  He had drool and goop all over his face, so Steph, the Warehouse Manager, immediately scheduled him to see the vet, and his chest x-ray was fine and showed nothing related to asthma or anything with the lungs.  It turns out, he had to have 17 teeth removed.  This poor guy had been in so much pain for so long because of his teeth.  The misdiagnosis would have required he have a shot every day for the rest of his life, but now that he got his teeth taken care of, he is happy as ever and seems to even smile!  Cases like this are why our Special Needs Medical Fund is so important.  Dental work is very spendy for the felines that need it.  We are SO happy that Shadow is finally happy and pain free.  As I am typing this, he is curled up in a ball sound asleep.  Sponsor a kitty’s smile at AniMeals!  Donate online now! 🙂 

Good night, and have a great weekend!!!  “See” you on Monday!  


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