Good afternoon, AniMealers!

Recycle not only by adopting your next feline friend from AniMeals (all black cats and kittens have a $5.00 adoption fee fort the remainder of the month!) , but also by recycling your aluminum at Pacific Recycling and Steel!!! Mother Nature sure seems to be confused with which season it is these days…but regardless of the weather, it is mid-April!  That means there are only two weeks left to participate in the great promotion that Pacific Recycling and Steel does for AniMeals!  We hope you recycle for AniMeals through Pacific year-round, but April is the month where they step it up a notch and match the dollar amount (PLUS up to 10 extra cents per pound!) that is recycled in AniMeals’ name all month.  It is a great way to donate to AniMeals and go green for the environment!  Be sure to tell them you want your recyclables to go to AniMeals!!  Get your winter boots on (HOPEFULLY SPRING WILL BE HERE SOON! :-P) and head to Pacific today!  Here are details:

Just a reminder, too, that AniMeals is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  The shelter/food bank hours are Tuesday through Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.  Thank you all for your support…thank you all for your generosity…and thank you for caring about the animals!!! Have a great night, and maybe I’ll see you at Pacific Recycling and Steel tonight!  🙂  

“See” you tomorrow! THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FANTASTIC!!!!!!


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