Thankfully Thursday!

Good afternoon AniMealers!!

A big thank you to our volunteers who are manning our change drive tables!! Tomorrow we will be set up at Ace Hardware – Tremper’s Plaza, Albertson’s at Tremper’s Plaza and Orange Street Food Farm!  Don’t forget to see AniMeals kitties at PetSmart, too!  YOU can help “Change an animal’s life” by donating your loose change at the above-listed locations tomorrow from 11am – 5pm!  Thank you for your continued support!!

UPDATE: We just took in a tiny 5-6 week-old kitten today that was found underneath a trailer in a trailer park.  This little one is a black and white beauty whose eyes were glued shut with infection. This is a perfect example of why our Special Needs Medical Fund is so important.  The PHENOMENAL AniMeals staff is doing everything they can to nurse this baby to good health.  Please be patient while the Special Needs Medical Fund page on our website is being updated.  This baby’s story, along with our other Special Needs’ patients’ stories, will be posted on our site with pictures soon.  Thank you all for everything you do that allows us to help these innocent animals.   

You all have a fantastic Thursday, and don’t forget to recycle in AniMeals’ name at Pacific Recycling and Steel! 🙂

Good night!

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