For Sale!

Good afternoon, AniMealers!

We are now selling 14# bags of Swheat Scoop litter for $15.00!  We also sell Natural Balance Cat Food (6# bags) for $15.00.  The miracle nutritional supplement Missing Link is also sold at the shelter for $12.49 for a three month supply!  If you adopt an AniMeals cat or kitten, be sure to get your litter, food and supplement all right here in one place!  We give our cats nothing but the best, and so should you!  🙂

Frankie was just put into foster care on Saturday!  He is doing well, and he will be there until he is ready for adoption!  Just a few more weeks!  Thank you all for your generous donations that have helped us help him!  We had another cat brought in today who was found bleeding profusely from a puncture wound on his side.  He was cleaned up, put on antibiotics and given pain meds.  He seems to be doing well.  We had no room for this poor kitty who was apparently beat up by other neighborhood stray cats.  So far so good.  We will update you with the progress tomorrow.

Thank you all for being so amazing, and thank you for your continued support.  You are all why we are able to be here!

See you tomorrow! (Seriously…come to the shelter! :-D)

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