A Cat Tale…

Today, one of the AniMeals feline tenants was unhappy with being forced to wait a few extra minutes for his breakfast to be prepared, so he decided to rebel against our Warehouse Manager, Steph, by eating a post-it note.  Yes.  A post-it note.  He was very impatient! When Steph realized what was going on, she immediately took the post-it note from his mouth.  She didn’t want him to make himself sick by eating anything else just for spite, so she prepared his meal early.  Spoiled? Maybe ;-).  Unfortunately, his spite snack caught up with him later on this afternoon, and came out in the form of brown goop.  It turns out he threw up a self-adhesive strip cover from an envelope that he had also managed to finagle during his early morning temper tantrum.  He did later end up regretting the incident, and apologized by being obedient and quiet for the remainder of the day.  Want to know who the troublemaker was this morning?  Find us on Facebook for the answer!  🙂  (www.facebook.com/animeals)

Thank you all for your continued support and for being so absolutely amazing!!!

We are still looking for foster parents!  Please please please contact Steph at 406.721.4710 or go to www.animeals.com/FOSTER.html for more information on fostering.

Have a great Wednesday!!!  “See” you tomorrow!

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