Happy Happy Happy!

Remember Keela?  She was our Bengal cat whose owners brought her to us because she just couldn’t adjust to their new life living in an RV after they retired.  At five years-old, Keela knew exactly what she was looking for and exactly what she didn’t like in her environment.  After months of “singing” to us daily at the shelter, her forever family found her and gave her exactly what she had been waiting for….a permanent, loving home.  Keela’s family sent us their update below.  THIS is what makes us smile.  YOU can have your own AniMeals Happy Ending, too!  See more AniMeals Happy Endings by clicking here.  🙂  Happy Thursday!


“I have always wanted a Bengal. I think they are beautiful cats with unique personalities. I was lucky enough to find Keela at your shelter. As soon as I saw her picture on the website, I knew right then and there I had to go meet her. Keela is awesome! She is so talkative, and always lets me know what she needs lol. Keela usually follows me wherever I go, sometimes I call her my little shadow. Keela loves to go out on her leash and explore. However I have come to find out that she is not a big fan of snow/cold weather. I took her out, and she headed right back in and gave me a look like “you’re crazy lady”. Keela’s favorite spot in the house is on top of the fridge, she has claimed it as her own. Keela is such a beautiful cat, and she is so funny. She definitely has a personality. Like most Bengal’s she loves water. It makes it hard to do dishes when she stands on top of the sink batting at the water. Keela loves to drink straight from the faucet, she plays in the water and sometimes will completely drench herself. She gets along great with my kids, they all love her. Keela has formed a friendship with our Quaker Parrot Arnie, the two of them like to hang out with one another. I want to thank you for letting us adopt her, and make her a part of our family. I know there were doubts at first given her history, but I think she just needed someone to understand her, and a willingness to work with her. I love Keela she has been a wonderful addition to our family!! Thanks again. Courtney”

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