Are you a registered AniMeals volunteer, foster parent and/or supporter via donation(s) to AniMeals??? If you answered yes to any of those, do you think you know the cats that currently reside at the AniMeals No-Kill shelter fairly well??? If so, now is your chance to show your kitty knowledge!

QUESTION: Can you name and give a physical description of the cat that has been waiting for their forever home here at the AniMeals shelter the longest??

The 20th CORRECT submission will win a $10.00 gift certificate to The Book Exchange, located at 2335 Brooks in Missoula, Montana. If you aren’t a volunteer, sign up today at or apply to foster at OR, if you would rather be eligible by donating, please make your donation HERE to AniMeals today to participate in this contest! Submission entries can be sent via MESSAGE on Facebook or emailed to  Electronic submissions ONLY please!  All others will not be considered.  THANK YOU ALL, AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


  1. In reference to kittie names how would “Orion” be as that was the cat who stared in Men in Black II. Also “Toni” (Toni the Tiger) and “Leo” (The Lion) might work. Other names not so common might be: Boo Boo, Yogi, Ranger, Buffy, Tootsie, Ozzie, Stella, Honey, Bonnie, Mercury, Volcan, Minnie, Rosie, Za Za, Frosty, Wiskers, Claws, Fangs, Butterscotch, Ralph, Dominic, Twitter, Pooter, Sweet Pea, Posie, Andy, Tammy, Peggy Sue (Pretty, Pretty Peggy Sue), Noel, Angelic, Buttercup (maybe for a yellow cat), Pearl , and Mittens etc. Hope some of these names are helpful in naming all the new kittens.

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