How do you come up with names for your pets??? Do you relate what you call them to their personality? Do you go by how they look or physical characteristics? Do you have themes? Share your pet names! Also, it is definitely kitten season and we make sure all of our cats have names, so share your suggestions, too! We hope you have had an amazing Thursday and look forward to your feedback….thank you AniMealers! We love you!

5 thoughts on “NAMES FOR YOUR PETS

  1. Here are some names for cats I have and cats I have had in the past: Molly, Nicky, Fluffy, Tuffy, Tabu, Puff, Tabby, Midna, LuLu, Snooky, Snuggles, Scoop, Cuddles, Callie, Tabatha, Mindy, Salt, Pepper, Shadow, Sinbad, Marko, Aron, Frodo, Little Shiela, Leah, Gizmo, Zeus, Zena, Tina, Cindy, Apoll0, Beth, Brutus, Ginger, and Taffy. Most of the cats I have had or my family has had were named for their personalities.

    1. Joyce! Please see Angela at AniMeals to pick up your Book Exchange gift certificate! If you would like it mailed to you, please email with your current mailing address. Congratulations, and thank you for all of your support!!!!!

  2. We’ve used baby name books, kind of randomly though. I flipped through and stopped when I saw “Charlotte” for our long-haired cat who is kind of a princess. I think Natasha got her name because she has a crush on our cat Boris. Sam was named after one of my favorite writers (Mark Twain) and Moe got an “M” name because he has an M on his forehead.

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