If you question whether it’s too hot to leave your dog(s) in the car while you tend to some other things, then it most likely is…don’t do it! This heat has us all running around doing everything we can to make sure we have everything we need to enjoy the sun safely and comfortably…this includes running to the store and grabbing sunscreen, bbq stuff, etc.  If you think it’s a good idea to bring your canine companion(s) with you to run the errands, and if you plan on leaving the car unattended, think again!  If you thought “a few minutes” wouldn’t be too long to wait in a car with the summer sun heating things up, please take the time to click the following link and read the reports they have listed:  Please keep your four-legged family members safe, too!  After all, they are family! 🙂    Have a great Monday, and enjoy this weather while it lasts!

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