A Foster Tale…

Take me home and keep me warm,
I’m alive because of you.
Feed me food I so badly need,
I wanna be healthy, too.
I’m kind of sick, and I lost my mom,
But I will pay you back with love.
I wouldn’t be here without your care,
You’re my angel from above.
Thank you for opening your heart and home
Til I’m strong enough to go.
I’m forever in debt to your selfless act,
I love you more than you know.

2 thoughts on “A Foster Tale…

  1. We were so blessed to be a foster family with 2 mom cats and their five 5-week-old kittens. Our family grew two weeks ago, when we took in four 1-day-old kittens on an emergency basis. Motherless and alone, they were in desperate times. These new little ones were readily adopted by our mom cats, meaning that even our fosters have fosters! Now two weeks later they’re growing, opening their eyes, getting their “nibbler” teeth, and trying to play with their older “siblings.” Oh, what a feeling! We’re on big happy foster family!

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