We know we tell you all how thankful we are for your support and how we couldn’t do what we do without you, but we can’t emphasize just how sincere we are when we tell you that.  Every single thing we do for these animals we feed and care for is possible because of YOU, our supporters.  Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t have the manpower to care for as many cats and kittens as we do at the shelter, nor would we be able to do a lot of the fundraising  we are able to do….without our foster parents, we would not have the room available to save the lives of so many homeless kittens who wouldn’t stand a chance without the care of the generous families who ultimately are the lifeline for these babies….without the donations and kind words from all of our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to cover medical expenses and get through the tough times of the ones that came to us too late.  You are all the most amazing people we could ever ask to be associated with, and we, at AniMeals, would like you all to take the time and pat yourselves on the backs for literally saving lives and feeding hungry animals.  You are all the reason we exist and the reason so many animals are alive and not hungry.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for the animals and for being such loyal and generous supporters.  Thank you for your time, your love  and compassion and your donations.  Thank you.  We love you  all!!!

AniMeals No-Kill Adoption Center and Animal Food Bank

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