Black Cat Bake Shop Owners Rescue Niarada Donkeys!

Did you know that Jack and Christy, the owners of Black Cat Bake Shop, do more than just create mouth-watering treats at their bakery?  They opened their hearts and homes to two of the Niarada donkeys from the MLASR.  They have found their forever home with  Jack, Christy and their daughter.  These furry, well-cared-for donkeys are happy and settled.  Thank you Black Cat Bake Shop for your compassion for these two and animals alike!  Not only are these donkeys a permanent part of their family, but the donkeys also really like the Black Cat Bake Shop FRUIT PARFAITS!!!  Okay, maybe the donkeys haven’t tried them (yet), but I would bet if they did try these tasty desserts, they would beg for more!  Additionally, for the rest of July, 40% of the proceeds from these incredibly delicious Fruit Parfaits go to AniMeals!!!  If you are looking for a way to spoil your tastebuds while supporting a great cause, by all means head to Black Cat Bake Shop!!  Let us know what you think!  Thank you to Black Cat Bake Shop!!!  Thank you to all of our supporters!  AniMeals loves you all!  See you at Black Cat Bake Shop!


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