The Sentry by Monte Dolack

So, with the new store (AniMania!) opening within the next two weeks and with changes with the shelter staff and rearranging and whatnot, things have been a little hectic at AniMeals.  Plus….the changeover of the AniMeals Facebook page from a personal page to a business page, things are even crazier on the cyber front!  We really want to thank everybody who supports us in any way. 

Monte Dolack just recently did a painting on-site for AniMeals, and bids are currently being taken for this beautiful piece!  Pictures will be posted tomorrow on the AniMeals website, but until then you can find information at  There is a picture of the painting and bidding instructions.  The proceeds from this auction go to AniMeals, so it is a great way to donate!  Thank you again to all of you for being loyal supporters.  We are so appreciative of everything you do for the  animals of AniMeals.   Thank you, animal lovers, and thank you, AniMeals lovers! 🙂

One thought on “The Sentry by Monte Dolack

  1. as i know that i will not be able to afford to bid even the lowest price on this auction, i wonder if Mr. Dolack would be so kind as to allow poster prints of this after the auction. it is such a beautiful piece, it reminds me of my beloved dog watching over me.
    what do you think??? it would be another great fundraiser!
    amy hevener

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