Fizgig and the AniMeals Healing Hearts Program

Our Healing Hearts Program at AniMeals is what allows us to help the sick and the wounded.  With this program, we are able to get medical attention to the ones who require medical attention and also medicate the sick.  Little Johnny Force is a prime example of why The Healing Hearts Program is so important to the health and well-being of these helpless animals. 

We just had a virtually lifeless cat brought to us yesterday by a couple of good samaritans who were hiking and discovered this poor kitty.  She had  a hole in her fragile little body that was oozing with maggots.  As it turns out, somebody had shot her and left her to die, and it must have been days ago, based on the infection from the bullet hole….only, Fizgig  (her name comes from a Dark Crystal reference, I was told) was not ready to die.  She  was rushed to the Animal Clinic, where surgery was performed, and unfortunately, her leg couldn’t be saved and had to be amputated.  Other than that, she seems to be recovering well….they even got her purring!  The Animal Clinic generously offered to foster her throughout her recovery, and one of the employees there may even adopt Fizgig.  You can see in the X-Ray picture below where the damage was in her front leg.  There were maggots in that hole where everything shattered.   Poor girl.  More details and pictures will come with updates on her progress. 

Without the Healing Hearts Program, we wouldn’t be able to fund the surgeries and pay for the medical expenses that are required to give cats like Fizgig another chance at life.  Please donate to the Healing Hearts Program, and help us continue this life-saving work.

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