Johnny Force Update


There is good news, and there is not as good news…..BUT…the good news…actually, the GREAT news is that Johnny Force is being neutered today!!! YAY!  The not so good news is that the vet will not be re-casting his back legs.  The casting should’ve worked by now, and because it hasn’t, Dr. Duncan of Animal Clinic fears that it could hurt him if they continue to keep the casts on, as he is growing so rapidly.  Unfortunately, surgery will be required for this little guy 😦   We were all hoping to avoid this, but it is unfortunately where we are now.  Details on his surgery will be determined by the specialist out of Spokane and with another local vet.  Please donate HERE to contribute to Little Johnny’s rehabilitation through our Healing Hearts Program.  We look forward to the day Little Johnny can walk like a regular kitty.  This will happen someday all because of your generous donations and your love for animals, especially when they can’t help themselves.  Thank you so much for your support and all of your donations.

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