A HUGE thank you to every single one of our amazing supporters, to include all of our volunteers, donors, foster parents, adopters and AniMeals advocates.  Things have been a little hectic lately while we are getting AniMania! set up and preparing for its Grand Opening on September 23rd and 24th.  We appreciate the time you take to stop in the shelter and help out with loving on cats and the warehouse chores.  YOU keep us operating.  Without you, there’s no US.  So, THANK YOU for your patience while things are settling into place.  We wouldn’t be here without you.  A HUGE thank you also goes to the AniMeals staff.  Steph, Kevin, Shawn, Michelle, Kim and John are all working so hard at the shelter while Karyn is back and forth making time at the shelter and at AniMania!  Jessie, in Marketing, is keeping AniMeals and AniMania! going with keeping AniMeals and AniMania! in the spotlight through every media outlet possible. Thank you so much for the efforts that help us continue this life-saving work.  You are all amazing, and there just aren’t enough words to say thank you.  Have a great evening!!!

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