The Epitome of AWESOME

EIGHTEEN (18!) cats and kittens were adopted this past weekend via the PetSmart Adopt-a-thon! ROCK ON!!!

Thorin and Tahirih B., Alvy and Kim C., Shirley G., Diane D., Patricia L. and Jill P., along with our very own AniMeals staff Steph and Kevin, were the incredible volunteers/fosterers who helped out at PetSmart this weekend.  Smiling faces were what you saw if you were at the AniMeals booth!  Thanks to the generous donation of their time and their incredible passion for helping animals, these volunteers are the reason 18 cats and kittens found their forever homes!! EIGHTEEN!! Thank you SO much to each of you.  Time is precious, and volunteering your personal time to help the animals of AniMeals is appreciated more than we are even able to express.  Your generosity and continued support is what keeps us going.  Thank you SO much.  We are in awe of you! AniMeals <3’s YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! 


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