Is that a Sign?

So, the AniMeals and AniMania! “fearless leader”, Karyn Moltzen, was carrying a gallon jug of bleach from the storefront to the back room, and she accidentally dropped the jug of bleach on the floor, spilling it on the carpet…..OOPS!!! Scurrying to clean it up, asking part of her phenomenal team at AniMania! for suggestions on how to prevent bleach from actually bleaching, she let out a huge yelp.  She told Jessie and I to come and see the bleach spot on the floor.  So, Jessie and I kind of shrug at each other and curiously walk around the corner, only to see this:Yes……..seriously.  And there is the story of Clorox the Cat.  When the bleach spilled, it spilled in the form of a cat!  What on earth????  It was quite amazing.  Only the founder of a No-Kill Adoption Center for cats could accidentally spill bleach in the shape of a cat! LOL

Oh, and in case you were wondering how to get bleach out of carpet, before it turns anything white, use vinegar IMMEDIATELY after the spill!  (I googled it, and it worked! :-D)  Have a great day, AniMealers!


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