The Importance of YOU

Donations to AniMania! are vital to our existence.  We exist ONLY because of all of you!  Your donations of anything animal are sold, with profits going to AniMeals.  We have competitive prices of Natural Balance Cat and Dog Food…the best deals in Missoula!  We also have Swheat Scoop litter for sale!  Not only are you buying food/supplies for your animal when you buy from us, but you are also helping AniMeals to feed animals in need.  So, when you stop by AniMania, and you just love that custom wood pet bed that your adorable pooch can’t live without, or those incredibly crafty tote bags made out of cat and dog food bags for a mere $5.00, just know that your dollars spent are going to the animals of AniMeals.  So, as you see, without your donations, we don’t have the products to sell that will earn money to help more animals.  So, we rely COMPLETELY on your donations……do some Fall cleaning, and donate anything animal that you no longer use or need to AniMania!  All donations are sold at the store to fellow animal lovers, with the proceeds going to AniMeals!  So, stop by and take a look around.  Buy your Natural Balance pet food from AniMania!, and sponsor a brick on our dedication wall!  Your or your pet’s name will be displayed on our Dedication Wall and on the AniMania! website found at!.html.  So, please understand that without YOU, AniMeals and AniMania! do not exist.  Donate today, and help save helpless animals!!  Thank you for your continued support, and we LOVE YOU ALL!

ps-spay/neuter your pets!

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