Sweetest Day at AniMania!

This Saturday is Sweetest Day!  Give your sweetheart a gift from AniMania!!  How about a cow salt and pepper shaker set?  Or maybe a designer tote bag with leopard print?  Maybe kitty book ends?  The oversized plush polar bear hugging her baby?  Or maybe the AniMania! Featured Item of the Day:  The leopard print fuzzy dice!!! There are so many things to choose from at AniMania!! You can also add the gift of admiration to your purchases at AniMania! by dedicating a brick in your sweetheart’s name on our Dedication Wall at AniMania!!  The talented local artist, Sasha Nikole Smith will paint your sweetheart’s and/or animal sweetheart’s name(s) on a brick for $30.00.  You can help AniMeals feed hungry animals with your purchases at AniMania!  Be sure to stop by the shelter after your visit and volunteer some time loving on some kitties!!! Thank you all for your continued support, and TOGETHER, we can save more lives and feed even more hungry animals! We love you!!!!

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