I can’t see your face, I can barely hear your voice

But, I know you’re waiting for me, so, I have no choice;

I’m searching high and low, not sure where you are

But, I’m out here looking, oh! Is that a car?

A kind lady found me, as I approached the road

I guess I90 is dangerous, she rescued me from the cold;

I could tell she wasn’t you, but she was so kind to me

Even though I can barely hear, and it’s dark for as far as I can see;

I was brought in to AniMeals, I get the food and water I need

I can’t thank my angel enough, for doing this good deed;

I am now in a safe place; I still hope to find you

It is now up to fate, and that I believe is true;

YOU could have the forever home this guy is looking for!  Dodger was found on the Interstate attempting to cross the road…A good samaritan found him and brought him into AniMeals before he got hurt.  We realized this guy is not only blind, but mostly deaf, too.  But, that doesn’t stop him from being a cuddlebug!  He is a lover of all lovers!  If you are looking for an adult lap kitty to give tons of attention to and bring into your calm household, STOP BY ANIMEALS AND SEE DODGER!!  He is a special needs kitty, and his lucky new forever family will need to fit his needs.  He is even all dressed up in his tuxedo, waiting for his forever home! 🙂 

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