These Kittens are “Out of Sight” (literally)…Can You Help Emma & Cora??

EMMA, the black beauty who was brought into AniMeals with ruptured eyeballs, is going to be scheduled to have her eyeballs removed.  Unfortunately, this little girl’s issues could have been prevented with medical care.  It all started with an upper respiratory infection that was neglected, resulting in her eyeballs rupturing.  The damage was already done by the time she came into the shelter.  Emma is blind.  She is approximately 4 – 6 months-old, and is perfectly healthy and a typical kitten, even with her lack of sight.  Her eyeballs must be removed, though, to prevent tumors from growing in the dead tissue remaining where her eyeballs are.  Emma, much like our other special needs kittens, has no idea there is anything “different” about her.  She plays and loves just as she would if she could see.  The surgery will take place in Spokane, and will cost $300-$500 dollars.  This is a necessary surgery to prevent further health issues from happening to this baby girl.  If you can help this little girl in any way, from adopting her and getting her the surgery she needs to donating to our Special Needs Medical Fund, PLEASE contact AniMeals today by calling 406.721.410 or going to

CORA, like Emma, also has an eye issue, although hers could not have been prevented.  Cora was born with eyelashes growing on the inside of one of her eyelids.  Surgery is required to correct this.  They want to save her eyelid and will have to cryogenically freeze it.  Her surgery will cost $500 and will also take place in Spokane.  She is also a typical kitten, with the exception of the discomfort she feels on her infected eye.

These kittens deserve a chance at a loving, pain-free life just as much as we do.  We can give them that gift, with your help.  If you can help in any way, please call us at 406.721.4710.  These babies count on us to help them, as they cannot help themselves.  Thank you for your compassion and generosity.  ❤

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