Microchipping Can Save Lives! :-)

Here is a short story I found online, that I wanted to share…it shows the benefit of microchipping your pets!  Happy Thanksgiving! (all cats adopted from AniMeals and AniMania! are spayed/neutered, up-to-date with vaccinations, dewormed and microchipped).  AniMeals also will microchip your pet for just $15.00.  Call 406.721.4710 to make your appointment. www.animeals.com

A young lady who is a friend of one of my kids came to live with us last June. She is an orphan – her mom died when she was 12 and her dad died when she was 17. She kind of drifted around after her dad died and ended up sleeping on a couch at the home of one of her childhood friend’s parents. They obviously didn’t have room for her, though.

Anyway, other than about 4 suitcases, she had nothing in the world except a tiny, black cat. She had gotten the cat, Aiko, as a kitten and she had her spayed and micro-chipped. Throughout all her travels, she always made sure to update the info on Aiko’s chip.

The last place she was staying, in Austin, the people didn’t allow a catbox in the house and so Aiko became an indoor/outdoor cat for the first time ever. Sadly, she disappeared in April of this year.

2 months later, the young lady came to live here because there just wasn’t enough room for her long term at the last place. This girl never complains about any of the rough things that have happened in her life. In fact, the only thing I’ve ever seen her sad about was losing her cat.

Fast forward to November and the girl gets a message from the people she had last lived with. Her cat had been found! Someone had picked the cat up and taken it to the vet, who scanned Aiko for a chip.

My husband was less than thrilled at the prospect of another cat, since I had just inherited 3 from my mom, but none of us had the heart to say no. My son in Austin collected the cat and brought her to San Antonio.

I still can’t believe it happened after all those months. It’s made me a believer in micro-chipping. Aiko is one of the tiniest little black cats I have ever seen and she’s not afraid of anything. She rides around on this young lady’s shoulder most of the time when she is not at work. When the girl is at work, Aiko sleeps in her desk chair, waiting for her to return.”

(original link to story is here: http://www.amazon.com/forum/top%20reviewers?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx2Z5LRXMSUDQH2&cdPage=1&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=Tx2ZT97GV6AM04A)

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