one word: INSPIRED

Wow……So, I just had to share this with you all….I am amazed…no…I’m AMAZED (in  caps)…FASCINATED…INSPIRED…every single day that I see this little girl, Emma.  Her eyes were surgically removed, after an infection that spread to her eyes, causing blindness and causing her eyballs to turn to “mush”.  This kitten has never really had a chance to live her life seeing, so she is very accustomed to her lack of sight.  But, here I am, in the office where she and Cora stay at the shelter, and I watch this little girl jump up on the computer tower, then on the desk, then back down on the floor.  She is as curious as can be, and I would not believe she has no eyes, if I did not see for myself that she doesn’t.  I watch her cautiously and curiously check out everything in the office.  I watch this little girl find her way to her litter box, when necessary, and I watch her eat and play with Cora just like she can see.  I can’t even express how inspiring it is to watch this kitten, who has been dealt such a crappy issue, be so “normal” and act just like any other kitten with eyes.  I don’t even know if I have really gotten the message that I am trying to get across, but this little girl might be the most amazing feline I have ever seen…and working at AniMeals, I’ve seen a lot of felines!  To just watch her is absolutely ……. fascinating.  I don’t even know if words exist to explain what I’m trying to explain.  I am truly inspired.  We are hoping that Emma gets adopted with her gal pal, Cora (who has eye surgery scheduled for December 13th in Spokane).  I am just bewildered by everything she does.  Thank you for helping us help this little girl.  She sure is one of a kind.  Come and see for yourself!

Thank you SO much for caring about the animals…AniMeals exists because of YOU.


One thought on “one word: INSPIRED

  1. What a sweet looking girl she is. I think it is amazing also. Animals have inate abilities that we cant even realize I think. Their ability to relate to our moods and needs are amazing also. I hope and pray that the little girl gets a home where they can totally relate to her needs. She is awesome!

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