You might remember Ginger, who was adopted from AniMeals some time ago.  She had polyps in her ear, and the infection had caused her to have a perpetual head tilt.  She is a gorgeous orange tabby.  Beautiful girl that encountered some rough times, until she arrived at AniMeals.  After we got her the necessary surgery for the polyps, a man came to the shelter and adopted her.  Unfortunately, we received a call from a shelter in Colorado Springs this afternoon, and the cat they described was Ginger.  Her microchip information was the reason they called us.  The same man who had adopted her from AniMeals had taken her to the shelter in Colorado Springs and dropped her off, telling them he found her as a stray.  WHAT?!  It turns out, Ginger has an upper respiratory infection, and she is scheduled for euthanasia this Saturday!  We are in the process of doing everything we can to get her back to Missoula.  PLEASE HELP US!  If you know of anybody who can transport Ginger from Colorado Springs to Missoula, call AniMeals TODAY at 406.721.4710.  We are asking for your help in funding the transport of this girl’s trip back to Missoula, where she will be nursed back to good health and, later, be available for adoption.  PLEASE help us help her!  Thank goodness for microchips, and thank goodness for human compassion and the support of our AniMealers!! Click here to help, or call 406.721.4710.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS URGENT MATTER!!!  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD…ANY HELP WE CAN GET IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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