We, at AniMeals, have made a decision to combine our Facebook pages for AniMania! and AniMeals into one page.  Being that AniMania! is PART of AniMeals, and exists solely to raise funds for AniMeals and to be another outlet to find forever homes for the AniMeals kitties, we decided to merge the two Facebook pages.  They go hand-in-hand, and this way, all confusion should be eliminated with how the AniMania! store is related to AniMeals.  We are one in the same!  🙂   Thank you SO much for your continued support and for everything you do for animals everywhere….AniMeals and AniMania! exist because of YOU!  We can’t emphasize how much you mean to us.  Because of you, countless animals’ lives are saved and fed!  ❤   THANK YOU!

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO NOW?  If you already “Like” AniMeals Missoula on Facebook, you don’t have to do anything!  If you currently “Like” AniMania! Store for Pets & their People on Facebook, just make sure you “Like” AniMeals Missoula, too, and we will do the rest!  Thank you again for your support, and we will see you on Facebook!   This change will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 12/21) morning at approximately 8:00am Please continue to support AniMeals and AniMania! on Facebook, along with following us on Twitter, our blog, LinkedIn and our website!  THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT IN THIS TRANSITION! ❤ 

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