Kermit…the CAT! :-)

Introducing Kermit……….he was found in an apartment complex a few months ago…at about 4-6 weeks, he couldn’t even use his back legs…after we took him to Animal Clinic, it was discovered that Kermit does not have a seventh vertebrae, and his pelvis is not attached to his spinal cord.  There is no surgery that we are aware of to correct this condition.  We are unsure if he is in pain, but he doesn’t seem to be……..He kind of scoots around, dragging his back legs sometimes, other times, kind of hopping.  They stick out to the side and make him resemble a rabbit or a frog.  Kermit is litterbox trained, he is a typical kitten and plays just like other six month-old kittens.  We are keeping him under observation for a bit longer before he is adoptable, but once he is neutered, he should be available for adoption.   He came into the shelter with his tiny kitten girlfriend, Cloud.  We were told that he does not like being separated from her for any length of time.  Come and see Kermit at the AniMeals shelter today!  1700 Rankin, Missoula, MT  406.721.4710  

3 thoughts on “Kermit…the CAT! :-)

  1. Hey i was just in today starting my volunteering im 14 and my family has been looking into fostering kermit tuesday if possible please let us know if that’s an option!

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