One Year Ago…

Prodigy getting some lovin from me just hours before he went to The Rainbow Bridge

So, at this time last year, four unassuming AniMealers, and/or AniMealer-related individuals, packed up a week’s worth of clothing and went to the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary in Niarada, just outside of Hot Springs.  None of us knew what to expect or how long we would be there, but we were on a mission to feed some animals who were running out of food….42 days later, we (along with various rescue groups, donations from supporters and volunteers from across the country) managed to  feed and permanently rehome, and/or find temporary housing, for the hundreds of animals, including llamas, camels, bison, horses, chickens, cows, pigs and more, who called the sactuary “home”.   There are countless individuals and rescue groups who are STILL looking for permanent homes for some of the animals and caring for them.  Thank you.  You can read the story by clicking here, if you didn’t follow it last year.  I won’t repeat what has already been said, and I know that everybody has their opinions on how things should or shouldn’t have been handled from the beginning to the end.  But, one thing that is as sure as the sun is bright, is the fact that hundreds of animals’ lives were saved last year because of the compassion and generosity of thousands of people.  So, this New Year and holiday season, we are so thankful for you who helped, and continue to help, ensure the animals from the sanctuary were/are given a real shot at the lives they deserve and for all of you who volunteer your time and/or donate to help the AniMeals Food Bank and the cat Adoption Center.  We can’t even express enough just how much we admire your dedication and love for animals.  Thank you for all you did, and still do, for the animals of the MLASR and for all that you continue to do for animals everywhere.   We tell you all the time that we wouldn’t exist without you, and that can’t be emphasized more.  It is true.  We can do what we do because of YOU.  I didn’t even mean for that to rhyme! 🙂   Happy New Year to every animal and animal-lover from AniMeals!  May 2012 bring nothing but happiness to all!

One thought on “One Year Ago…

  1. Who did the pot-bellied pigs go to? I never did find out and I tried so hard last year to find out and help. How are they doing? (I own 2 PBPs myself and it is hard in the winter, I admit) Gayle Bax

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