“Ginger” Article from the Colorado Springs Gazette! <3

January 06, 2012 11:36 AM

Yes, Ginger, the orange and white striped cat, is so far having a much better year. Thanks for asking, and many of you have, curious about her fate.

The Gazette reported on Dec.18 that Ginger was stranded at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region and needed a ride “home” to Montana.

She had been dropped off at the shelter on Abbot Lane by someone who said the owner couldn’t keep her. Ginger was a very sick kitty and was placed in isolation. It was feared she wouldn’t survive the nasty respiratory infection she had contracted, and that the long recuperation and medication needs would prevent her adoption.

Her microchip indicated she had originally been adopted in 2010 from AniMeals No Kill Adoption Center and Animal Food Bank in Missoula. The Humane Society contacted that rescue group, which very much wanted her back, fearing she would fall through the cracks and be an eventual candidate for euthanasia.

But how to get her back to Montana? Her illness ruled out going by plane.

Meanwhile, Diego Burgos, a Colorado Springs electronics technician, was at work when his wife, Arlene, called and told him about Ginger’s plight.

“We jumped right on it,” Diego Burgos said. He was driving to Missoula on Dec. 20 to help his son move back here after college graduation. He called both the Montana shelter and Humane Society and got the green light to take Ginger to Montana.

Growing up, Burgos’ family had horses and cows, and there was always a dog in the house. “Animals are an important part of this world, like trees and flowers. We need them. They are here for many reasons.”

He now has four dogs, three of them rescues: Chloe, the chihuahua; Lola, a Bichon Frise; Roxie, a Laborador retriever; and Ethel, a Pomeranian. With a full house, Burgos couldn’t adopt Ginger.

For the trip, the Humane Society provided Burgos with a crate, food, a kitty litter portable potty, medicine, and of course, Ginger.

“I thought she was pretty cute. I love her colors, yellow and white,” Burgos said.

There was no snow and not much traffic, so the driving was easy.

Ginger seemed to enjoy the trip.“She cried a little bit, not loud, and I would talk to her and she would quiet in seconds,” Burgos said.

Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, several people stepped forward to adopt Ginger, but were too late.

In Missoula, Burgos was surprised and heartened to see how excited Ginger was to see AniMeal’s founder Karyn Moltzen, and Stefanie Kassner, warehouse director.

“It was awesome to get her back,” Kassner said. “She remembered us, oh yeah! She was so happy. You should have seen her rubbing against us.”

The cat first arrived at AniMeals in 2010 as a stray with large polyps that had to be surgically removed from her ears. She had them so long, it left nuerological damage that makes her hold her head with a bit of a tilt.

Kassner said Ginger has been on antibiotics and is doing much better. The kitty eventually will be up for adoption. The no-kill shelter has about 150 cats, and a charitable pet food pantry.

Burgos said he is glad  to have been a part of Ginger’s adventure, even for that short time.

“I’m happy I could do it. I saved her. I feel there is now a forever bond between us. I will remember this forever.”

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