Plea for Healing Hearts Babies

Cricket, Mac Jr., Papi and Mr. Gray are all approximately 9 months-young and are currently our youngest members of our Healing Hearts Program.  They came to the shelter, nursing on a sick momma.  They were sick when they came to AniMeals,and they have been chronically ill since with upper respiratory infections and dental issues.  A couple of these babies have permanent eye damage from their illnesses.  They have been isolated for months, and we don’t like that they haven’t been able to just be kitties.  It breaks the staff’s heart to see them not able to run around and get loving from our awesome volunteers, like the other kitties.  We are not sure if these babies being brought into a home environment would cure them of their chronic illnesses, but there is a chance it could happen!  We would love to see them thrive in a home and be the kittens they deserve to be, with a forever family willing to care for them with their special medical needs.  Until they find homes, we will give them constant care with anti-biotics, as necessary, vet appointments and as much love and attention that we can, but it is so unfortunate to see these innocent little babies not be able to be playful and carefree.  They want so badly to just run around and just be kittens.  We would love to see them go in pairs, but we would be so happy to see any of them get homes.  Please help us help these babies in any way.  If you are unable to adopt, please click HERE to donate to our Healing Hearts ProgramThese are only a few of the kitties who benefit from donations to our Healing Hearts Program.  Please let us know if you are interested in adopting any of these kitties to give them a chance to live in a forever home.  Thank you SO much for your support, and we appreciate all you do for the animals. 

Call us at 406.721.4710 for more information.  ❤

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