Some of the Most Interesting Animals on Earth

Star-Nosed Moles

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Star-nosed Moles live in the humid lowland areas of northern-eastern United States and the eastern Canada. They are expert at swimming and digging holes. They can forage along the bottoms of streams and ponds and they also can swim in ice-covered streams. They often dig shallow surface tunnel for foraging, in which their tunnels can be seen existing underwater. They have thick blackish brown water-repellent fur coated their bodies. A circle of 22 mobile, fleshy and pink tentacles attached at the end of their snouts which they use to detect food (such as worms, crustaceans and insects) by touch are the most distinctive feature.


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Tapirs are herbivorous animals as they feed on plants. They are pig-like in shape, with short and prehensile snouts. They inhibit primarily in jungle and forest regions of South and Central part of America, and Southeast Asia. Tapirs are aggressive animals as they will attack furiously when they are annoyed by their enemies. They have a close relationship to other odd-toed ungulates, including rhinoceros and horses.

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All tapirs are characterized with features include oval and white-tipped ears, splayed and hoofed toes, rounded and protruding rumps with stubby tails, with three toes on the hind feet and four on the front feet. These characteristics help them to walk on muddy and soft ground. Female tapirs have a single pair of mammary glands while the baby tapirs have stripped-and-spotted coats for camouflage. Adult tapirs are usually large in size and thus they have very few natural predators. The thick skin coated the back of their necks help them to reduce the threats from crocodiles, anacondas, tigers and jaguars.

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