CAUTION: Check Expiration Dates on Kitten Milk Replacer BEFORE Use

Stories of expired Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) being sold on store shelves are surfacing more and more frequently.  It is disturbing to discover that expired KMR is being sold at stores across the country, as the expired replacement milk acts as poison to tiny kitten immune systems.  Kitten season is well on its way now, and KMR will be in high demand for orphaned kittens, so PLEASE check the expiration dates and smell any formula you prepare or purchase BEFORE feeding to kittens.  Innocent animals are dying from being given tainted KMR, so  PLEASE check your expiration dates and smell the formula BEFORE feeding.  We can’t emphasize how important this is to keep these kittens alive.   YOU can prevent illness and death by checking expiration dates on all brands of replacement milk before feeding.  

For more information on product safety information, regarding replacement milk, from the FDA,  CLICK HERE

PLEASE check expiration dates on everything you give to your pets, just as you would/do for people.  Thank you so much for your compassion and for caring about animals.


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