Legacy Montana Educates About Supporting Charitable Causes After Death

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Legacy Montana Educates About Supporting Charitable Causes After Death  

Missoula, MT April 23, 2012—Confucius said that immortality is the memory of you held in the minds of those who live on after your passing.   In that interpretation, Confucius’ thought might be drawn out to include that the memory you leave might also be the charitable missions you supported.   Have you stopped to think how those missions will survive you?

 If you derive joy from birdsong, appreciate breathing clean air, or look forward to lunch being delivered on Wednesdays, then you probably consider these essential to your quality of life.  By leaving a financial legacy in your will or trust to a non-profit— or non-profits— you love, you can ensure that they will remain viable after you are gone.  You can leave an insurance policy, a certificate of deposit, stocks or bonds, real estate, cash, or any universally recognized asset.

If you want your assets to make the lives of others better and generally the world a better place, you can.   You can choose to leave a legacy to a charity, while off-setting inheritance taxes. The way it works is that you get to determine before your death how what you donate to charity will be used after your death.   You therefore have control of what the assets you have worked long and hard to preserve are used.  And by choosing the organization that the donation goes to, you also help to further their mission which you embrace.

Legacy Montana is a consortium of 52 local nonprofits working together to make people aware of how easy and important it is to leave something to a non-profit organization.  It does not give financial advice but can point you in the direction of people to talk with or to give you the tools to assist you in preparing a will, yourself.   Visit their web site www.LegacyMontana.org   for more information where you can also explore the charitable missions of its members.

Regardless of whether you have lots to give or just a small slice, with awareness and planning you can honor your family, your friends and a charitable mission.  Make a long-lasting difference in the world. 

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