It’s a Fantastic Friday at AniMeals! 5.3.13

Black Beauty
(photo by Devin)

It’s Friday!!!  That means it’s BLACK FRIDAY at AniMeals!  Adopt a black kitty TODAY!! Our doors are open until 5pm!  We are also open from 11am-4pm tomorrow!

Featured today is a BEAUTIFUL, long-haired beauty that we call “Black Beauty” (pictured above).  She is a Lover, with a captial “L”!

She was adopted from another shelter by a couple of years ago.  For the entire two years that Black Beauty lived with the couple that adopted her, she was never given a name.  The couple’s roommate ended up feeding the kitty after the couple broke up and parted ways, but he couldn’t keep her, as he travels a lot for work.  So, she is currently at AniMeals.

This big girl is looking forward to the day that she has her own family to love and adore as much as they love and adore her.  If you are considering adopting a kitty at all, Black Beauty would be your girl!

We also have FANTASTIC news about Lady (click HERE for her story).  She went to her foster home today!! We are SO appreciative of the generosity and compassion that our phenomenal animal-loving supporters have for the homeless animals we care for and feed.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to Lady’s foster family for giving this girl exactly what she needs–security and love within the walls of a home. ❤  What an awesome way to start the day and weekend!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend, AniMealers!!!

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