A Special Tribute to Mom (by Pauline Larsen)



On Mother’s Day, we  express our heartfelt thanks to our mothers who have protected, taught, and nurtured us with all their hearts.  President Theodore Roosevelt said, “A mother is the one supreme asset of national life; she is more important by far than the successful statesman, or business man, or artist or scientist.”   We honor the remarkable women who sacrifice to ensure their children have every opportunity to pursue their dreams.  We honor all the mothers who:

* run carpools, make cookies for school, and homemade biscuits for Fido (and all those who don’t J)

* show up for work with dog hair on their clothes and dog treats in their bags.

* gIve homes to babies, whether canine or human, and gift them a family.

* yell at their kids who clamor for ice cream before dinner, and scold the dog for begging at the table.

* have children that are a bit hairier than others and walk on four paws

* speak out about the plight of the poor  mother dogs  in puppy mills who spend their entire lives caged and neglected, as they are bred over and over again to produce puppies for profit under conditions of unimaginable cruelty.

* go to special stores to buy the best food and toys for both their two-leggeds and their four-leggeds,  no matter that it takes 6 stops and 25 stop lights.

* have the ability to answer the door, hold back the dog, and deal with a phone call all at the same time. 

A tribute from  a grateful child:

“As I look back on my life, I find myself wondering if I remembered to thank you for all that you have done for me?   For all of the times you were by my side to help me celebrate my successes, and accept y defeats?  Or for teaching me the value of hard work, good judgment, courage, and  honesty?

I wonder if I’ve ever thanked you for the simple things…the laughter, smiles, and quiet times we shared.

I’m grateful for all the times you healed my hurts, and calmed my fears, so that I could face the world feeling safe.   If I’ve forgotten to express my gratitude for any of these things, I am thanking you now and want to express my love and admiration for you.  I ‘m so glad you’re my mother.”


And then there is a corny canine card:

                “You feed me when I’m hungry; you keep water in my dish.

                You are the bestest mom in all the world, fulfilling my every wish..

                You sometimes let me lick your hands, or even lick your face,

                (despite the fact I’ve licked myself in every private place.)

                I now know the warmth, the love, and  joy of belonging.

                You’ll always have my loyalty up to the very end,

                ‘cause after all, it’s plain to see you are a dog’s best  friend.”

We honor all mothers… young and old, working mothers, married mothers, single mothers, and those  who have been a mother figure to us, realizing that without  them, life could have been  difficult.   Mothers have taught us that life isn’t a loose sweater to toss off casually.  It is woven of people and places we wrap tightly around us…a tangle of messy moments and jumbled emotions, cherished for all of its delightful imperfections.  Because of our mothers, we have learned to embrace each day for what it is, and aspire to make it more.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Larsen can be contacted at Paw Prints, Box 373, Newell, Iowa 50568 or by e-mail at plarsen@rconnect.com

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