AniMeals Today – 5.9.13


It’s a big day at AniMeals!  A lot of rearranging, and a lot of activity at the shelter.

Today, there were some kitties getting vaccinated and micro-chipped.  Kiki, one of our newer residents, was one of the “lucky” ones today.

Pictured on the right, Kara and Becka are preparing to administer vaccinations on Kiki.  She was a very good girl, and the AniMeals staff was very comforting and gentle.

Be sure to high-five the AniMeals staff when you see them for doing such an amazing job at taking care of these kitties!  We hope to see you by 5pm at the shelter today or tomorrow between 8am and 5pm!  We are also open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm!


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