Pet Tip of the Day – 5.13.13



To help alleviate boredom for your dog, while you’re at work all day, and also to mix up your dog’s repetitive behavior of sticking to a specific area or path in the yard, place natural barriers in your dog’s normal path.  

For instance, I had a very small five-pound dog that, when outside, he would run a loop only in one particular area of the yard.  We ended up moving a large rock to his path, and that mixed up his routine.  

At first, he wasn’t sure what to think, and he almost seemed confused, but even though it wasn’t much of a change, he eventually realized he could go AROUND the rock, and it encouraged him to explore other corners of the yard.  He even found a new favorite spot that he didn’t even know existed before that.  

You can also do this inside the house, too!

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