AniMeals Today – 5.15.13

AniMeals is hoppin today!  Thanks to all of our PHENOMENAL supporters, we found a foster family for the four kittens, and we found a transporter to take the pet food to Kalispell!

photo by Dominik Gwarek

We have the most amazing supporters on the planet!  Thank you SO much to you for spreading the word!!  YOU are the reason we are able to help the animals we do help!

tumblr_ljgi62WgUP1qizecio1_400One thing we did realize, though, is that, although we have a fantastic network of foster families, we need more people interested in fostering, as not all of our fosterers are always available to foster.  So, if you are interested in fostering kittens, with AniMeals supplying all food and supplies, please either stop by the shelter and complete a Foster Application or visit to download, complete and submit the application.  We get kittens at any given time, and the bigger our foster network is, the quicker we can get the kittens into an environment where they can thrive and not be stressed.

We want to thank you again for being so amazing!  Sharing our Facebook updates and word-of-mouth gets the job done!  We are so happy that we are getting the truck-load of pet food to Kalispell and that the kittens are in a stable environment until they are old enough to be adopted!  THANK YOU!

Remember that our doors are open until 5pm, so be sure to stop by and love on some kitties!


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