AniMeals Today – 5.21.13

tabbytuesWell, AniMealers, it’s TABBY TUESDAY at the shelter, and we have a lot of tabbies looking for homes!  Looking for sweet kitties?  We have em!  Looking for sassy kitties?  We have em!  Want loner kitties?  We have em!  Want friendly lap kitties?  We have em!

We are looking for foster families!  You do not need any experience, and all of the food and supplies are provided!  If you are interested in fostering, please visit or call 406.721.4710.  Our foster families are heroes that save countless lives.  Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to these homeless babies until they are old enough to be adoptable. 

943618_467240780017189_652599361_nBe sure to stop by Zootown Thrift at 1444 W. Broadway, and, with every purchase and/or donation, you can VOTE FOR ANIMEALS in their “Pay it Forward” program!! We absolutely love the support from Zootown Thrift and from the community!!  

So, now that you we have just about every type of kitty adoptable here that you could want in your life, we hope to see you at the shelter TUE-FRI 8am-5pm and SAT 11am-4pm!  At our AniMania store (in the shelter), we also have a great selection of pet toys, pet supplies, dog and cat food and treats, litter and MORE!  


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