AniMeals Today – 5.23.13


AniMeals had a great day with two adoptions being processed today!  KitKat and Kyu now officially have their own homes!   We are so excited for them and their new families!!


We want to remind you about this AMAZING promotion by Pacific Recycling and Steel:

Pacific Steel 2-15-12 UPDATED copy

Our recycling program is vital to our existence, and we have our AniMeals recyclers to thank for that!  Your recycling via the AniMeals recycling cottages around town and by direct recycling donations to Pacific Recycling and Steel are so appreciated and literally save countless lives of homeless and hungry animals.   Thank you.

We are still seeking foster care for Iris.  She needs to find a foster family ASAP, as recovering in the shelter is not ideal.  The veterinarian said that it is approximately a six month recovery time for her mouth to heal.  For details on her story, click HERE.  Please spread the word about Iris and her situation.  The more people who know, the more of a chance she will get to be in the environment she needs to fully recover.

tjmaxx_1336507224_600Also, be sure to stop by TJ Maxx this weekend if you’re in Missoula, as they are having a Memorial Day weekend event and hosting a food drive for AniMeals!!! Thank you for helping the animals!!

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