AniMeals Today – 5.31.13

Do you think our kitties are spoiled?  Is there such a thing? hehe. I’m not sure there could be any more of a variety of food for our AniMeals residents–even if the kitties might disagree… 😉


Pictured above is Maybelle, adoptable right now at AniMeals, relaxing in front of the buffet in front of her.  She already ate, so it is rest time for her now, but our other roamers are probably going to finish this up in no time at all!  

Life is Better 4-13-11smallWe are open today until 5pm, and we will be open from 11am until 4pm tomorrow, too!  Even if you aren’t in a position to adopt, our incredible volunteers are a lifeline for the kitties here.  The interaction and love you give the kitties while you’re here is exactly what they need until they are fortunate enough to find a forever home.  You can stop for 5 minutes or 5 hours!  As long as the shelter is open, you are welcome! 


We are also in need of foster parents!!!  We are looking for foster families to temporarily care for young kittens until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and brought into the shelter to be adopted.  Please visit for our AniMeals Foster Application, or call 406.721.4710 for more information.  No experience necessary for some of our fostering cases, and all food and supplies provided by AniMeals, along with any vet expenses.  

AND……if you have ever wanted to live among royalty, then you might want to consider adopting Princess Galena!!! She has been with AniMeals for just over two years now, and she is BEAUTIFUL sweetheart that keeps to herself, for the most part, but she will let you know when she does and doesn’t want affection.   She is fine around other cats, and she is looking for a home right now!!!  Please visit Galena before you make a decision to adopt a kitty.  This gorgeous girl is ready for a permanent home! ❤   Click HERE for our Adoption Application.

(photo by Devin)
(photo by Devin)

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