A Father’s Day Tribute for Dad by Pauline Larsen

(photo: buzzfeed.com)

It’s Father’s Day, a day which has become a day to not only honor our fathers, but all men who have acted as father figures…stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers,  and special friends are all honored on this special day.   An estimated million dollars are spent each year in the United States for Father’s Day gifts, but the best gift is always personal interaction.  ( According to theholidayspot. com , there are more collect calls on Father’s Day than any other day of the year, but most dads don’t care…they are just glad to hear from their kids!)

  We share a tribute to dads everywhere, written by James Colasanti Jr.

Senior Man Hugging Dog
(photo: corbisimages.com)

Dad loved  animals.   He was always bringing home a needy dog…”How much trouble  can one hungry dog be?”   He usually discovered that “one hungry dog”  could be a lot of trouble.  Our back yard sometimes looked  like a war zone from digging…and then there was chewing—furniture, drapes, and his favorite shoes.  Sometimes it took weeks…once it took several months, but with Dad’s gentle guidance,  “one hungry dog” always became a lovable, loyal friend  for whom Dad found a forever home…soon there was another  needy dog.    

He had time for humans too, willing to lend a hand, or offer advice when asked.  He knew when to get involved and yet, he knew when to stay away.  “Never be afraid to help someone in need, whether a two-legged or a four-legged.   And never , ever, be afraid to take a chance.  Make choices.  Indecision is not a virtue.  Instinct and intuition derived from the goodness in your heart will most often provide the right choices in your life.”


Most importantly, through thick and thin, Dad was always there for me.  He was, most of all, my friend.  I am the luckiest man in the world because he was my dad.

A Dad is loving and kind…always seems  to know what you have on your mind.

He listens, suggests, and defends…one of your very best friends!

He’s  proud of  your triumphs, and when things go wrong, is patient, loving and strong.

He takes  time to listen and care, to  unselfishly  give and always share.


(written by Pauline Larsen – Larsen can be contacted at Paw Prints, Box 373, Newell, Iowa 50568  or by e-mail at plarsen@rconnect.com)

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