AniMeals Today – 6.11.13

AniMeals is full of kitties ready for volunteers to give them some lovin!  It is TABBY TUESDAY, and we hope that you visit our residents at the AniMeals shelter!


Pictured above is one of our senior residents, Shoe, getting some lovin from the Shelter Manager, Justine.  “He is just looking for a lap and a couch” Justine commented.

He is a senior kitty and is laid back and loves affection so much.  He just wants a place to relax and a person to relax with….  Please stop by the shelter or call us at 406.721.4710 if you would like more information on this beauty.

Also, don’t forget about the AniMeals “Seniors for Seniors” program where the adoption fee is waived for senior citizens that adopt a cat 7 years and older!  Seniors can adopt their feline companion at no cost with an approved application.

download (4)

Our hours are TUE – FRI 8am-5pm, SAT 11am-4pm, closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Please stop by, and visit the kitties, even if you only have five minutes!  Your visit can make a kitty’s day!   Thank you all so much for your support.

Visit for more information on the shelter and our upcoming events.   Click HERE to donate online.


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