Here’s a blast from the past….a poem written about Dodger being found and rescued on I-90. He was later adopted, and found the fate he was destined to live in a loving home.


I can’t see your face, I can barely hear your voice

But, I know you’re waiting for me, so, I have no choice;

I’m searching high and low, not sure where you are

But, I’m out here looking, oh! Is that a car?

A kind lady found me, as I approached the road

I guess I90 is dangerous, she rescued me from the cold;

I could tell she wasn’t you, but she was so kind to me

Even though I can barely hear, and it’s dark for as far as I can see;

I was brought in to AniMeals, I get the food and water I need

I can’t thank my angel enough, for doing this good deed;

I am now in a safe place; I still hope to find you

It is now up to fate, and that I believe is true;

YOU could have the forever home this…

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