AniMeals Today – 8.9.13

Playtime (21)
(photo by Devin Chavez)


The hustle and bustle is ON at AniMeals!  It’s Friday, and the shelter is HOPPIN!  We have kittens, adults and seniors hoping to get their chance in a forever home with a family of their own. 

blackcatgiftcertWe want to thank Black Cat Bake Shop for their awesome black cat promotion for the entire month of August!  You will get a “lucky 13” dollar gift certificate to their bake shop when you adopt a black cat or kitten!  So, if you are looking to add a feline family member to your home, stop by AniMeals! Also, don’t forget the AniMeals special for the month of August is Loki Cookies!!  These are chocolate shortbread cookies sandwiched with vanilla buttercream filling, with the whole cookie dipped in chocolate!

Among the new things at AniMeals lately is our new and improved website!  Be sure to take a look at it when you get a moment (, and tell us what you think!  It is still being tweaked finishing touches being added, but, overall, it is functional!  Also, be sure to subscribe to our E-Newsletter by clicking HERE.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!! Thank you for your support and for being so incredibly amazing!


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